The Reason Behind Canada’s “Dance of the Spirits” Glow-In-The-Dark Toonie

Canada has always been known for their unique style of bills and coins, but these new coins are on another level of unique.

This 150th keepsake comes in a set of a 5 coins. The all new quarter comes with a flavour of colour, and the toonie even glows in the dark!

The news about these coins coming into circulation for Canada’s 150th Birthday was previously announced, but the toonie glowing in the dark was kept a surprise in attempt to add hype, which definitely worked! Canadians CANNOT stop talking about these incredible new coins!

The toonie has actually been titled “Dance of the Spirts”, which represents the Northern Lights, seen in Northern Canada. This magnificent design was sent in by Dr. Timothy Hsia from Richmond, B.C. and his brother who happen to do artwork in their spare time, as reported by CBC.

If you’re tired of waiting on your local Timmies to give you change back with these unique new coins, check out the set from the Royal Canadian Mint!

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