Canadians Want 4-Day Work Weeks And 3-Day Weekends

What would a life where people looked forward to Thursdays being the end of the week feel like? Would having the extra day added to the weekend make a world of difference for you? Could a shorter work week make you an overall happier person?

Cаnаdіаnѕ have joined with many others оvеr thе globe whо аrе ѕuрроrtіvе of thе whіmѕісаl іdеа. Only four year ago, almost 50 000 Canadians fought to make this a reality, but were shut down. However as we all know, in life persistence is key, which is why Canadians are continuing to fight for the case again this year. We are yet to know of any updates, but have heard that their is a few indications of good progress.

Regardless of the outcome, what are your thoughts? Would a 3 day weekend help improve overall society? Their has been a few specialists that have spoke on the topic of shorter work hours increasing efficiency. According to their studies, the average person reaches the peak of their work efficiency at around five hours.

In addition to the shorter work week increasing efficiency, it is also likely that people would have an overall better mood when at work, due to higher energy levels. It would also give individuals another day of free time to spend with their loved ones, or on a hobby they may be passionate about. As a result, it is likely that this would help decrease stress and increase overall happiness.

In conclusion, their will certainly be a lot of barriers to cross in order to fully get their, however with the right steps it is quite possible. The shorter work week is something that could benefit both the employers and employees. It would likely increase the employees overall happiness and efficiency, which could result in more dollars in the employers pocket.

At this point in time it is hard to say whether the four day work week could become a reality, but in the mean time we will all have to continue to look forward to the Fridays.

Let us know what your thoughts on the four day work week are! 

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  1. Great idea
    Scale everything back by 20% including your paycheck and your house size
    Everyone has the option of working as much or as little as they prefer, just don’t ask someone else to pay for the time you are not at work

  2. “Whіmѕісаl іdеа”! According to who (or is it whom?). The entire purpose of the industrial revolution was to eliminate worthless and demeaning jobs, so that people could live utopian lives of creative and enjoyable activities. It’s only Americans who believe that shit-jobs-for-everyone is a goal! Let’s begin with a 3-day work week, and a guaranteed annual income for everyone who does NOT want a job at all! There is more than enough money out there to justify this.

  3. As shift worker on a 4 on 4 off pattern….I have 4 day weekends all the time…unfortunately I work more hours in 4 days than most do in 5.

  4. Great idea. There really does need to be more of a balance between work and days off, I think this would be a great idea to boost people’s overall productivity which would cancel out the missed day. A lot of employers either ask 40 hours a week or 24, why not more flexible like 25-35 hours?

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