Most Canadian Couple Ever Gets Married in a Nova Scotia Tim Horton’s

Via: Meranda Robicheau

It was a move that encapsulated some of Canada’s best qualities: equal parts charm, practicality and whimsy. And coffee.

Via: Meranda Robicheau

You might think your wedding had some pretty iconic, national elements. Maybe you held it in a rustic barn somewhere in the Canadian wilds. Maybe you had some maple-themed desserts. Maybe you treated guests to tickets for a hockey game instead of having a formal reception.

But did you hold your wedding in an actual Tim Horton’s? No? Then you might have been out-Canadianed by this Nova Scotia couple who did exactly that.

As they told the Halifax Chronicle Herald (link: ), the recently-married Tom and Meranda Robicheau had their first date at a Tim Horton’s two years ago. Meranda, who incidentally also works as a baker at a Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Timmy’s, joked to colleagues and family about tying the knot amongst the double doubles, which she thought was the perfect space for a low-key wedding with a personal twist.

Via: Meranda Robicheau

Last month, the couple made it a reality, in a casual but charming ceremony where a makeshift altar was set up, the coffee flowed and the Timbits were plentiful. Both guests and regular patrons were in attendance, including a giant Tim Horton’s mascot (because why not?).

Via: Meranda Robicheau

After putting in their regular orders – Tim usually goes for a triple triple coffee, while Meranda favours a triple triple triple tea – they posed for photos and sped off in a ’66 Mustang, coffee cups trailing festively behind.

“I think it’s great,” store owner Mike Cook told Global News about the in-café ceremony. “Tim’s is a great symbol. People love Tim’s and for them to spend their special day with us, we’re overjoyed.”


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