Ottawa Ranked Best Place To Live In 2017

You Might be Surprised by MoneySense’s Choice for the Top Place to Live in Canada

MoneySense just ranked (link: )Ottawa as the country’s number one place to live.  The only thing more surprising is that this is actually the second year in a row Canada’s capital has snagged the honour. Frigid winters? More history museums than you can count? What gives?

Even MoneySense was surprised, and reshuffled their data collection system to see if the icy capital could be ousted from its perch. But against all odds, Ottawa persevered.

Every year the publication cranks out this list, using a comprehensive, date-driven system (link: ) that gives a snapshot of 417 cities and towns across Canada. Their method takes into account unemployment rates, income and wealth, affordability, mobility, crime, weather, healthcare and culture, among other things.

Granted, it’s a somewhat contentious survey and MoneySense itself acknowledges that there is no way to evaluate the “intangible aspects of a city that give it personality and make it home.” Nonetheless, it’s a fun and informative way to see how cities in the nation stack up against each other.

The list even features a fun, new interactive tool that lets you plug in your priorities and matches you with ideal places to live.

So. Why Ottawa? A multitude of factors, according to MoneySense. It’s a relatively safe and affordable city that has yet to succumb to the frenzied real estate market of other major cities, and it offers excellent access to health care.

Mayor Jim Watson also praised the city’s burgeoning culinary scene and claims that “as a city, we are thinking bigger and bolder than we have in the past.”

As a bonus, the city just invested $5 billion in a rapid transit line, expected to be up and running next year.

Sounds like a great time to plan a visit!

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