This Epic Road Trip Takes you Into the Ontario Wilderness and Features Some of the Region’s Best Fall Colours

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The last of the lazy summer days might be behind us, but if you’re looking for an memorable fall road trip, you should check out Ride Lake Superior (link: ).

This 2,300 kilometre route that hugs the shoreline of Lake Superior is accessible from bike, car or motorcycle and showcases some killer views of the area’s vast wilderness, especially dazzling in the fall when the colours are changing.

Joe Ross

The route traces the lake in its entirety, encompassing both the Canadian side and the US-based side. Some roadtrippers opt to do the entire drive in one go, which takes about eight days, but the comprehensive Ride Lake Superior guide has also broken the route up into bite-sized sections, so if you just want to head out for a weekend, that’s an option too.

Aside from the Instagram-worthy views, there’s lots of things to explore on the route, from cute inns to museums, scenic lookouts, beaches and plenty of places to grab a hearty breakfast and refuel for the day. You can even stop in Sault St. Marie for a day-long train excursion into the heart of the Agawa Canyon, arguably one of North America’s most iconic rail tours. Need a tune-up? You’ll find a selection of bike repair shops along the route too.


Ride Lake Superior has compiled a list of every amenity along the way, along with an awesome interactive map that lets you plan and customize your route. If you finish each of the sections, you can even fill out a certificate that lets you become a 5-star admiral of the route.

What are you waiting for? The open road is calling!

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