Justin Trudeau May Have The Most Canadian Music Playlist Ever On Spotify

Even the Prime Minister needs to get his groove on once in a while. In a public Twitter post, Justin Trudeau shared his current Spotify playlist with followers and asked for additional suggestions.

To the surprise of no one, his playlist prominently featured Canadian artists, from the contemporary to the old-school. Sarah McLachlan, The Tragically Hip, Coeur De Pirate and Blue Rodeo made the cut, not to mention Justin Bieber (and yes – it’s the Despacito remix).

Torontonians K-OS (Crabbuckit) and Drake (Signs) also made the list. How patriotic! Do you think he listens to Started From The Bottom while he’s brushing his teeth in the morning?


Notably, the playlist is pretty eclectic and also features artists from across the globe, including alternative songstress Fiona Apple and the U.K.’s 80’s heartthrob Peter Gabriel.

What would you suggest the Prime Minister adds to his playlist?


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