These 3 Canadian Universities Ranked In The Top 50 Of The World University Rankings Study

A renowned educational supplement has ranked three Canadian universities in the top 50 on their annual “World University Rankings” report.

Times Higher Education, considered the U.K.’s leading publication in its field, has released their annual report consistently since 2004, sourcing the top 100 universities across the globe, as determined by international academics.

While high-profile institutions like Harvard, MIT and Stanford make up the top 3, Canada is well represented, with three of our major universities landing amongst the top 50. The University of Toronto came in at number 24, while the University of British Columbia came in at number 40 and McGill University at 42.

To determine these rankings, a survey is sent to a selection of experienced academic scholars, requesting their views on the teaching and research standards in their respective fields and in educational institutions they’re familiar with. Their responses are used – along with subsequent methodologies – to determine which schools are believed to excel at both teaching and research.

American institutions tended to dominate the top of the list, taking 8 of the top 10 slots. The U.K’s University of Cambridge and University of Oxford tied for fourth place, while the University of Tokyo just barely missed the top 10, clocking in at number 11.

See the top 100 here.





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